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KASEY GIBSON, Mother of James Gibson

    "The Dayspring Therapeutic Equestrian Center of Harrison County has drastically improved my son's quality of life. When James, 6 years old with autism, began equine therapy he was scared to even touch a horse much less get on one. For the first few sessions James was terrified; even when he did finally mount on the back of the horse he was shaking and crying.

   Thank you wonderful staff and volunteers at Dayspring for your patience and dedication! In just ten sessions, James is now excited to go to therapy, and he is riding a full hour without a break!


     Since beginning equine therapy, James' confidence in himself has increased leaps and bounds both in the round pen and out. James has become more vocal, patient, mature, and much more confident! Dayspring has truly changed our lives!"

Vicky Beattie, Volunteer Coordinator

    "My experience with the Dayspring Therapeutic Equestrian Center has been nothing short of amazing! I have Multiple Sclerosis and with that comes symptoms such as balance, vertigo, lack of concentration, depression, and muscle spasms just to name a few. Since I started riding once a week at Dayspring, the changes in my balance and concentration have steadily improved. I also no longer have as much pain with muscle spasms. Making friends with my horse, Joaquin, has helped with my depression. I look forward every week to my lessons. 

    My doctors are very impressed with the progress I have made with muscle strength in my legs. I would highly recommend Dayspring to anyone with a love of horses and a need to build independence!"

MR. PATTON, Father of Zoe Patton

   "My daughter is 10 years old, and I seriously believe one of her first words was “horse.” She has dreamed of horses, played like she was riding a horse, and has watched every television program she can get her hands on about horses! It is not financial feasible for our family to own a horse, nor do we have a place to safely keep one.

     One afternoon while driving to visit some church members of the Marshall Church of Christ, my wife and I noticed a sign posted on one of their neighbor’s property advertising the Dayspring Therapeutic Equestrian Center. My wife called to see what might be a viable option in order to give our daughter some exposure to what she loves so much. After talking with the Executive Director, we decided to take our daughter there to meet her and the horses and see about possibly becoming a “volunteer” family.

     Due to my daughter’s age, it was necessary that one of her parents be there for her safety and that of the horses. When we arrived, my daughter was quite timid but very excited at the same time. One must understand that she had very little self-confidence and an intense amount of fear as we began this endeavor! She had never been around or that close to animals of such size and capability. The Executive Director was as patient as anyone I had ever seen and took the time to show us around and introduce us to several of the horses. She also took the time to teach my wife and daughter how to groom and keep the horses calm while working with them.

    My daughter took several lessons from the Program Director and we subsequently began making regular trips to Dayspring to help feed, groom, bathe, and care for the horses, as well as doing ranch chores. It has been incredible watching my timid daughter grow into someone with confidence. There is one particular horse, Toots, that my daughter regularly feeds, grooms, and rides that has become her favorite. The Program Director was an incredible teacher expressing knowledge and patience with my young daughter. Because of her direction, she has developed into a young lady with confidence and greater attentiveness."

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