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About Volunteering

Please fill out volunteer form at the bottom of the page if you are interested in helping.

Our volunteers are an important thing to us and a very gratifying service. We are always welcoming new helping hands. Volunteering with us gives you a chance to help the mentally and physically disabled. Email or call us for more information.

Tasks as a Volunteer


    Although horses are beautiful and majestic sometimes they need a good brushing and a bath. Proper grooming is important for all domestic animals and that counts for horses as well! 


    As living beings we all need to eat a healthy meals. A healthy diet is just as important to horses as it is to us! Feeding the horses is simple task that still helps us greatly. Feeding the horses is also a great way for the herd to get to know you. 

Cleaning and oiling saddles

    Our saddles are made of leather and leather needs to be regularly oiled so it does not crack. We want to keep our saddles in good condition so they last a long time. Making sure the saddles are in good condition and well kept is important for the safety of the rider and the horse. 

Riding Horses

    Our horses need EXPERIENCED RIDERS to give them a good work out. Horses need exercise just like we do and nothing like a good trail ride will help keep a strong horse in shape. Our classes don't provide much challenge for the herd and this can be used as a reward for them as well. Horses can get bored too. 

Assisting with classes

    There is a lot to do here at Dayspring, and it can get very busy. Having other EXPERIENCED RIDERS to teach classes gives us time to do other chores as well. It also gives us the ability to take pictures of on going classes, so we can spread awareness of what equestrian therapy is capable of. It is a very rewarding task as you will be working hands on with people who need help.

More tasks in the Volunteer Handbook

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2609 Fern Lake Cutoff, Marshall, TX 75672


Interested in volunteering at Dayspring? Click the link below to fill out our forms.

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