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    With your help, we can offer more therapeutic horsemanship programs! Horses have a gift or a unique power to touch and heal a painful place that another human is often unable to reach. A horse does not talk back, complain, ask for anything or expect anything in return. They do not judge or criticize or see a person with a disability as being different from others; they accept people as they are. Horses have a high tolerance for error, are patient, forgiving, and compassionate. They give riders confidence, self-esteem, and hope while bringing healing to hearts, minds, and bodies. 


    Contributors are needed to help provide funds to pay for program expenses and scholarship funds for families who cannot afford our program services. Gifts such as approved riding helmets, saddles, office supplies, and other materials will greatly help fund our various programs!

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You can also help Dayspring by using this simple link when you shop:

 Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to Dayspring.

Thank you for your consideration, donations, and prayers!

Please contact us for more information about investing in the lives of others!

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